Buyer Unit Inspections

In the market for a used Motorhome or Travel Trailer and want to make sure what you are purchasing is in good shape. Hire Bakersfield RV Center to inspect your potential purchase and provide you with a report on the current condition of the unit.


Purchasing a used Motorhome, Travel Trailer or RV can be risky, do you really know what exactly you are buying? Let us perform a complete inspection of your potential purchase and provide you with a detailed report of any concerns. Used products typically do have problems, would'nt it be great to know what these problems might be? Better yet, would'nt it be great to have an idea as to how major the problem may be and what it might cost to correct it.

Purchasing a buyer inspection is the smart way to buy a used Motorhome, Travel Trailer or RV, know what you are getting into before handing out thousands of your hard earned dollars. You might spend a couple hundred dollars having a potential purchase inspected, but if damage like improper collision repair or water damage in the walls or roof is detected you will save thousands in repair costs.

The process is as simple as working with the seller of the Motorhome, Travel Trailer or RV and coordinate an inspection appointment at our Service Center. You and/or the seller are welcome to wait in our customer lounge while the inspection is being performed. Any concerns will be documented for both of you to review and of course we will be there to answer any questions either of you have regarding the condition of the potential purchase.

It just makes good sense, most all home buyers now days get a home inspection before they purchase a new home. In some cases the seller of the property will offer the inspection and even sometimes cover the expense. It is piece of mind for both parties involved!